Big 4 New Hollywood Movie Ending Explained, How do the Big 4 ended ?

Summary of the Big 4 plots

  As police officer Dina investigates the death of her father Petrus, she discovers his true identity as the leader of a murder ring and the proud father figure. After finding the four robbers, his father taught him; Alpha, Jenggo, Pelor and their leader Topan, Dina and the Big 4 become targets of a psychopath named Antonio. When Antonio kidnaps the weakest member of the group, Pelor, Dina and the rest of the group must work together to rescue him.

  Big 4 and Dina beating Antonio and his boys?

  After learning where Antonio and his men are, Topan, Jenggo, Dina, and Alpha appear, guns blazing. Taking a knife from Topa’s hand, they fight tooth and nail. Antonio and Topan get into a one-on-one fight, and when it looks like Antonio is about to fatally stab Topan, Dina shows up (covered in blood). 

 He shoots Antonio moments after he asks if he wants to know who really killed his father. Antonio falls to the ground, but Dina’s bullet misses. Antonio gets up and runs to the room where Pelor is locked.

  Antonio confesses to killing Petrus while revealing that he was working for someone. Topan gets the best of Antonio by calling him Saranto, the name Petrus gave him. Topan pulls out the dagger Antonio was holding earlier and throws it at Antonio’s chest. Antonio then falls through an open window and makes Pelor safe.

  How do the Big 4 finish?

  After a moment of recovery, a handcuffed Dina tells Topana that the police are on their way, but they don’t need to worry, the Big 4 will be dealt with fairly. However, Topa has other plans. He leans down and kisses Dina passionately. When he steps aside, Dinah finds one of the handcuffs on herself and the other on the window frame. Before leaving, she gives him Petrus’ old hat with a key attached.

  The final scene ends with Petrus’ best friend Hassan, the captain of the police force, discussing the survival of the Big 4 with a scary lady wearing a blindfold. He sticks a large sword into Topa’s image and declares that he has “unfinished business”.

  Hassan’s double-crossing isn’t that surprising, as viewers might be wondering what else his role is. But it is not clear who this mysterious woman is. Most likely, it is related to Topa’s past. Perhaps he is the criminal whose operations Topan and the Big 4 went bust. Or is it her long-lost mother? Hopefully director Timo Tjahjanto won’t make us wait too long to find out.

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