His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode Number 1 Recap And Detailed Review

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode No 1 Recap And Review 

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 1 begins by reminding us that the Heavenly Kingdom has ruled the Heavenly Kingdom for many millennia. He called himself the Creator; Almighty God. However, this guy is a suitor, a ruler operating with a dark angel at his side. Those who fought for the truth were expelled from the gate, and since then the angels live between the worlds, watching and waiting for revenge.  

The brave leader who had united the troops now stepped forward, and of course we know it was Asriel. And what better time to rebel.

  Meanwhile, Will continues to try to find Lyra, who was apparently taken by Mrs. Coulter in the last episode. Using the Thin Knife and the alethiometer, Will tirelessly searches for his companion, but to no avail. As it turns out, Lyra was taken to a rocky shelter right on the beach, a hidden house.

  Mrs. Coulter encourages a deaf girl (named Ama, as we later learn) to follow Lyra where she dreams. Mrs. Coulter reveals that she is her daughter and tells Ama not to be afraid. He claims that a wizard cast a spell on him and that’s why Lyra is asleep. Coulter claims that Lyra needs time to wake up and uses this girl to fend off anyone who approaches their hideout.

  Several angels come to see Will and want to talk. He refuses, using a knife to cross into another world. When the angels look at him, they are shocked to realize that he has a knife in his hand. They follow through and show that it has the power to make a real difference. They want him to go and see Asriya.

  Will is already aware of the war, but he’s too busy looking for Lyra to give up on the mission until it’s done. Finally, the angels agree to help find him.

  Asriel lands and sets off to capture his man, attacking a hideout with several winged creatures. His target is Commander Ogunwe, whose ranks he wants to join. Ogunwe isn’t convinced, given the news of Asriel’s growing rebellion and fight with the temple.

  Knowing that the man commands a large army, Asriel begs him to be a part of this final victory. Finally, Ogunwe agrees, but of course Asriel has to follow him, not the other way around.

  When Asriel arrives at the shelter, he finds a group of survivors, all dressed in strangely colored camouflage clothing. Ogunwe warmly welcomes his daughter, but is loathe to leave them to fight in a bigger war, given the condition of one of his daughters. Asriel offers to show Ogunwe the danger they pose by taking him to another world so he can see for himself how far he is. going down this rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Macphail arrives in Geneva from behind Fra Paul’s alethiometer and informs him of the prophecy. He worries that he might plunge them into the darkness that they cannot see. In this case, if the child is tempted by the snake, he will most likely fall. If he does, sin and dust will prevail. They believe Lyra is that child and will do anything to bring her down.

  The angels track down Lyra, revealing that she has been captured by a woman with a golden monkey. Will knows exactly who it is. The angels claim they need a boat to cross over to the Demon World.

  Lyra finally wakes up to find Coulter’s golden monkey looking at her suspiciously. Pan warns that Lyra won’t make it, and she’s right. Coulter easily catches up to a weakened Lyra, claiming to be protecting her from dangerous people. And with that, Lyra is drugged again and sent home. But Ama spies it on Coulter.

  Will arrives and demands that York be angry that one of his own has been arrested and find out where he is. Will interrupts and offers to fight him in a fight, demonstrating the power of the blade with one blow. Considering how impenetrable Iorek’s armor is, a quick swipe reveals its deadly properties.

  As a result, Iorek agrees and the townspeople thankfully free the imprisoned bear. As a result, Will’s power grows stronger in his quest to get Lyra back.

  Meanwhile, Asriel shows Ogunwe a door to another world. “Welcome to the Republic of Heaven, Father.” Telling him that the real war has just begun as the camera pans over a large army massed at the edge of a cliff.  

Episode Review

  How many shots of that secret beach house did we need? I think I counted about 4 or 5 in the 50 minutes there!

  Aside from that little tidbit though, His Dark Materials returns with a solid chapter that promises plenty of action and excitement in the coming weeks. Given this show’s weird release schedule, compared to the BBC releasing all episodes at once next Sunday and HBO releasing 2 episodes at once.

  The production design is generally good here, and it looks like the show will be leaning more towards the war to come, promising lots of big, bombastic shots. We hope the season can end the story on a high note!

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