His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode Number 7 Recap And Detailed Review

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode No 7 Recap And Review 

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 7 begins with a cloud descending on the camp. Ogunwe hugs his children as he prepares for the final battle with everyone.  

Cloudy Mountain is approaching and the only hope lies with Lyra and Will. If Metatron manages to control the Demons, this could be the end. The only hope for their rebellion lies with Lyra, as Asriel realizes that they must hold off Metatron and his forces for as long as possible to buy Lyra and Will time.

  Asriel also prepared for Metatron’s arrival by holding the base against the attacks of the Angels. He placed capacitors into the abyss to harness the Dust Stream. It could be strong enough to destabilize Cloudy Mountain.

  Mrs. Coulter is suspicious, but Asriel is convinced that the Angels are jealous of their short lives, and he now intends to lead Metatron to the abyss. Eternal oblivion awaits them – a fate worse than death – which would also mean the loss of Asriel. He intends to do this for Lyra, giving her something back after doing so little for her all this time.

  Coulter is warned by Xaphania that his love for Lyra is both his salvation and his greatest downfall. He should be ready for this, because when the Authority arrives and they start fighting, it could very well shape his fate.

  As he ponders this, Asriel gives a great speech to all the races, telling them that death is not the end, but rather a journey into life.  

  Asriel flies into the darkness in an art of intent as numerous lights begin to flash. They are Angels; Minions of Metatron. Thousands of them.

  Down in the Land of the Dead, Will and Lyra watch as all the ghosts pass through the portal to the other side. They’re both in this together, and Will ends up entering Lyra’s world, which in turn starts a big fight between the two sides.

Lyra and Will are in danger, so Mrs. Coulter is sent to help. Metatron unleashes the Daemon-Eaters and all the creatures turn against them, a fight it doesn’t look like they can win.

  Mrs. Coulter manages to bring all the Specters to herself and uses her superpowers to send them back into oblivion. As for those in the sky, Serafina stays with Asriel’s Intention Craft until Kaisa reports that she found Pan! Seraphina flies down and discovers that Pan is also with Will’s demon, Kirjava. He encourages them to fly and join as soon as they get back to camp.

  Ogunwe is the first to show up before Lyra and Will and leads them to Asriel’s camp and tells them not to use the Blade as the Angels will sense it immediately. Ogunwe also mentions the big speech Asriel gave, reminding him how he defended his name, much to Lyra’s surprise. Unfortunately, they are attacked by animals on the way.

  Metatron invades Asriel’s camp with his manipulative powers, trying to turn all the soldiers against Asriel and his rebels. Mrs. Coulter follows the voice whispering in her ear and demands that Metatron reveal himself. He does, of course, encouraging Coulter to kneel before him. As she does so, Coulter turns to the Golden Monkey, saying she knows what to do.

  Mrs. Coulter takes a strange path and walks alone towards the blinding light. As he does this, Asriel flies his craft inside.

  Mrs. Coulter finds herself face to face with Metatron, Enoch in human form. Coulter admitted that she wanted to meet him. As for Metatron, he offers trial and salvation for Marisa. Specifically, he suggests allowing a woman to transcend her human form. A lot of the world would look up to him and he would officially become one of the Angels.

  As for Asriel, Metatron forces him to face himself. He fights a doppelganger who taunts him and claims that Asriel will never be remembered by anyone. Asriel realizes that Mrs. Coulter is there as well and starts to call out to her. However, he is too busy being manipulated by Metatron.  

 Coulter seems to have turned to the dark side and she shows him Asriel lying on his back with a nosebleed. Mrs. Coulter approaches and looks at him.

  Returning to the camp, the soldiers turn their faces and start praying to the authorities, asking for forgiveness. Lyra and Will see this firsthand before Serafina shows them where their daemons are. As Will blows a hole in the world and immediately distracts Metatron, Lyra decides to get back together. This is what they need to change the fate of the world.

  Golden Monkey jumps in and activates the switch for the capacitors, sending Asriel, Metatron, and Mrs. Coulter into the abyss, saving the world. The Golden Monkey reaches out to touch Lyra, but disappears as he does so, disappearing in a rather poignant scene.

  Cloudy Mountain is no more. Everything was saved and the war was over. Of course, great sacrifices were made to make this happen. Lyra and Will leave the camp and prepare to join their Daemons.

  Episode Review

  His penultimate episode of Dark Materials saves the best for last. An amazing chapter of sacrifice, love and prophecies fulfilled sees Metatron standing with Asriel and Coulter as they finally work together and sacrifice themselves to bring an end to this evil. It’s certainly a pretty dramatic turn of events, and maybe it’s poetic.

  Asriel and Coulter’s fading demons were also truly heartbreaking moments and it’s hard not to get caught up in it all.

  The fighting was, for the most part, well-shot, and the whole episode, depending on Lyra and Will bringing him back and working his magic, had an almost Lord of the Rings feel to it, with two small figures dwarfed by the big battles.

  However, we still have the Farther Gomez situation, not to mention Mary Malone’s issues, which I’m sure we’ll see more of in this final chapter!

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