The Island Korean New Web Series Season 1 Episode 4 Recap And Review

The Island Episode No 4 Recap 

 Episode 4 of “The Island” begins with Ban building a protective tower around Gong-tan using magic to stop the demons from escaping when he thinks he’s only seeing Gong-tan as a figment of his imagination. At the same time, Yohan and Mi-ho are surprised to suddenly find themselves in the forest, even though they were in Su-ryeo’s room moments ago.

  The duo is attacked by a creature made of tree bark and roots, and Su-ryeon is inside the creature. Su-ryeon is here for revenge and hurts Mi-ho in return. Yohan manages to protect Mi-ho, but ends up being captured by the creature. The creature chokes Yohan and is about to harm Mi-ho when Ban suddenly appears to save him.  

 After Ba’s attack, the creature escapes and Mi-ho thanks him for saving him, while Yohan hangs from the branches as the two talk. He asks Ban to help him save Su-ryeo, but he refuses to pay for his mistakes. Johan is choking and calls for help, but the two ignore him and joke about causation and ethics.

  Suddenly Yohan lets out a loud scream and Ban uses his sword to open the branches to free Yohan. Mi-ho calls Ba a coward, but meanwhile the creature returns. Ban fights it off and Johan suddenly starts hunting him down using his longsword. Although the two men struggle, Su-ryeon manipulates the creature in such a way that both Yohan and Ban are trapped from leaving the tree bark.

  Su-ryeon also uses the creature to capture Mi-ho. He tells Mi-ho that he gave his body to Benjule to get revenge on his lover. When the creature is about to kill Mi-ho, Ban unleashes his inner demon and uses all his power to help Mi-ho. Mi-ho tries to protect Su-ryeo in the process and, with Benjull’s help, tries to distract her from taking revenge.

  He promises to help get revenge on his ex and asks her to give up the ghost. Su-ryeon agrees, and Mi-h tries to pull her out of the creature’s clutches. Just then, the creature begins to hug Su-ryeo and tries to kill her when a sudden golden light flashes. Mi-ho wakes up on the floor with Su-ryeon in Ba’s arms.


She is unconscious, so Ban uses his magic to create a portal between the forest and her bedroom to bring her home safely. As they prepare to leave, Mi-ho passes out in Ba’s arms. Ban takes Mi Ho to the hospital and Ban waits for her to wake up. As soon as he wakes up, he asks Ban about Benjulle.

Ban explains that the spirit was never this bad in the past, adding that the demon of lust must have corrupted Benjulla. Mi-ho is shocked to learn that Benjulle and Su-ryeon possessed demons to get to her. Mi-ho goes to check on Su-ryeo, who is in the same hospital. He learns that Su-ryeon is in a coma, and the doctors aren’t sure what’s causing her condition.

  Mi-ho reassures Su-ryeo’s parents and promises that everything will be fine. Mi-ho is in the lobby, wondering how the demons are bent on killing her when Yohan finds her. He asks him about his true identity, and the young priest reveals that he came from Italy to investigate something.

  Mi-ho worries about bad things happening since she’s on Jeju Island, but Yohan reassures her that she’ll be fine considering she’s a good person. While eating at demon slayer Baek-joo’s restaurant, the two start joking about Ban. The old woman worries that Ban will fall into the demon’s trap if she continues to use their magic to kill them, but Ban is confident that she won’t let that happen.

  He asks Ban how the creature possessing Su-ryeon was destroyed, and then claims to have felt Wonjeong’s energy. Ban leaves after telling him that Benjull has been tainted by the demon of lust. Mi-ho follows Su-ryeo, and she is more determined to do something about her past. He asks Butler Jang to search for information on Gyeong-jun to avenge Su-ryeo.

  On the other hand, Giovanni talks to the priests in Italy and informs them that the savior Mi-ho (Wonjeong) has briefly awakened and will reveal herself soon. He also tells them about Ban, who uses demon power but protects Mi-ho. Pastor Yohan, on the other hand, tells him to help Mi-ho awaken the savior in him and stop focusing on Ban.

  It begins to do so by enabling Yohan Ban. He asks Ban how it was to meet Mi-ho after being the one to kill Wonjeong in the first place. Ban threatens to kill Johan and the young priest backs off and takes the hint to leave the conversation. That night, Butler Jang informs Mi-ho about Gyeong-jun, who is 22 but a student at Tamra High School.

  Butler Jang reveals that the boy has many other victims, like Su-ryeon, whom he threatened. He tells Mi-ho that there is no evidence to support these claims against Gyeong-jun, since he was the son of an influential person, and the boy used the app to send messages to his victims, which immediately deleted the texts after viewing. Mi-ho is upset because there was no way to legally expose Gyeong-joon while Butler Jang claims that one way to do this is for Mi-ho’s aunt to buy shares of the app.

This would empower Mi-ho’s company to expose the information Gyeong-joon used to threaten his victims. Everything falls into place and Mi-ho is able to put Gyeong-joo behind bars, but it turns out that the prosecution can only sentence him to three years in prison.

  Butler Jang tells Mi-ho that Gyeong-jun will visit Su-ryeon that day for settlement, and he comes to the hospital to see her. Mi-ho confronts Gyeong-jun, who has no remorse for his actions, and claims that Su-ryeo wanted it. Mi-ho loses her cool and beats up her son in front of her lawyer.

  Later that day, Yeom-ji finds Mi-ho in her office and thanks her for her help in punishing Gyeong-joo. When Benjulle finds her and attacks her, Gyeong-jun insists on teaching Mi-ho a lesson by suing her and posting Su-ryeo’s intimate photos online.

  At the same time, Su-ryeon wakes up from her coma. The old woman claims that she cared for Wonjeong as a child and wanted to see what he would look like in his reincarnated body.

  That night, Mi-ho ignores Yohan and runs off to find Ba, telling him that Gyeong-joon was killed. She wonders if he was behind the incident, but Ban denies having anything to do with it. Mi-ho hands him a smartphone, but he claims he doesn’t need it. She uses her strong persuasiveness to get Ba to pick up the phone and asks him to never ignore her calls. He returns home and eats the shrimp croquettes Johan made for him.

  Outside, Ban calls Yohan overhearing her conversation with Mi-ho. Yohan asks Ban about Wonjeong and wonders why he sticks around Mi-ho, thinking he might kill her again like he did in the past. Ban is about to attack Yohan, but he needs some free time to warm up first. Johan suddenly unsheaths his sword and the two suddenly engage in a sword fight.

  Johan takes Ban to the basement and uses multiple strikes to attack him, fighting the demon slayer each time. Unaware of what’s going on outside, Mi-ho goes out with food for Ban when he finds them in an abandoned basement.  

 Yohan has captured Ban by magic and he tries to drive the demon out of the half-human. Things go south for the priest when Ban uses demonic powers to attack Yohan. But Mi-ho sees the two and is shocked to see Ba ​​in this state. Now caught by the demon of lust, Ban runs to Mi-ho and attacks her as if with a sword. A flashback shows the last time the possessed Ban kills Wonjeong as the episode ends.

  Episode Review

  I’m so confused by this episode that I don’t understand how Yohan and Ba could be against each other if their main goal was to protect Mi-ho. I’m sure Johan has his doubts about Ban’s authenticity and Ban can’t trust anyone because of what was done to him back then.

  As Ban continued to use his lust demon power and confidence, I’m pretty sure he killed Mi-Ho by the end of this episode. It could be possible that Mi-ho was being hunted by another demon and Ba noticed it first and killed him before he could attack Mi-ho.

  On a side note, the chaotic energy Mi-ho brings to everyone she interacts with is to die for. Her character, despite the seriousness of the story, brings out the fun moments that make the show more interesting. The episodes are quite fast paced compared to a typical K-drama and many details are skipped which makes the story seem rushed.

  I just wish the creators would spend more time telling the comics linearly instead of rushing the execution with a limited 6-episode mini-series.

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