Reborn Rich New Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 4 Recap And Review

Reborn Rich Season 1 Episode 4 Recap 

Episode 4 of Reborn Rich begins with our protagonist watching Soonyang’s group with Oh Se-hyeon. Do-jun confesses that he has a bigger and bolder dream. He presents Se-hyeon with a welcome gift—his favorite donuts from New York. Se-hyeon admires Do-joon’s ability to understand her and acknowledges his ability to understand investing; You have to understand the players in it.

  Young-ki sends someone to spy on Se-hyeon, and he soon snaps a picture of her leaving the building, followed by Do-joon. Group Daeyoung defeats Soonyang’s race car when a car explodes during a race at the racetrack.  

 Young reported to Chairman Jin that he had solved the problem by ensuring that journalists did not publish the article about the racetrack debacle. Chairman Jin is not impressed and slaps his eldest son.  

  After the race, the chairman was supposed to attend the opening event of Athens, but he did not show up. Young-ki suggests that the event begin without him, but Do-jun advises against it. Chairman Jin’s absence from the event will fuel people’s imaginations and reporters will conclude that his absence caused the car to break down and lead to a father-son fight.

  Do-jun knew where Chairman Jin was, as he read in his autobiography as Hyeon-woo. He goes to take it to an old garage, where he discovers a problem with the engine parts. Do-jun demonstrates his understanding of Chairman Jin’s mindset by saying that Soonyang cars are the engine of the Soonyang Group, further surprising his grandfather, who picks up on Do-jun’s words at the opening event for Athene. Everyone applauds his sentiments.

  Dong-ki, now suspecting a connection between Do-jun and Power Shares Se-hyeon, talks to Do-jun after the incident, telling him that Soonyang must buy Hando Steel or else Chairman Jin will be angry. Do-jun replies that Hando Steel would be better off going to Power Shares than Daeyoung Group, Soonyang’s number one competitor in Korea. Daeyoung joins the bidding war for Hando steel, which greatly increases the bid value.  

 Everyone is confused as to where Daeyoung got the $600 million to bid on Hando Steel. Young-ki is now tasked with finding out who is financing the Daeyoung Group and ensuring that the Soonyang group buys Hando Steel. Dong-ki informs Chairman Jin that Do-jun can join the power shares.

  At university, Min-young receives a graduate scholarship thanks to the connections and prestige he previously denied. Do-jun overhears the conversation, and a guilty Min-young follows him to explain, but Chairman Jin takes him away. Now suspecting a connection between Do-jun and the Power Shares wars, Chairman Jin tells Do-jun that he came into office never forgiving those who opposed him, regardless of family or blood.

  He asks how he spent the $24 million he shot, and Do-jun replies that he invested in a movie. Chairman Jin thinks he is as stupid as his father.

  A bouquet is sent to Se-hyeon’s room and delivered by Min-young. Do-jun is in the room, and he tells Do-jun that he’s giving up his scholarship and going to work at the college. Do-jun downplays her mood by asking if she wants to admire him for choosing to work hard instead of accepting a scholarship.

She misinterprets the situation, thinking the bouquet is for Do-jun, and tells him that a rich kid who spends his birthdays in crazy expensive suites has no right to give him advice. Just then, Se-hyeon appears and Min-yong realizes his mistake, as Do-joon says that he works part-time and is completely embarrassed. Shortly after he leaves, he brings Se-hyeon a coupon for a free hotel meal as a birthday present and gives it to Do-jun.

  Do-jun and Se-hyeon argue over some investment, which Se-hyeon seems strongly against. A bouquet of flowers is on the table, and when we zoom in, we see a hidden listening device. Do-joon’s driver, In-hyeok, is on the other side, listening in and recording their conversation. The argument between Se-hyeon and Do-jun takes a turn, and Se-hyeon seems to end their partnership because Do-jun is a reckless investor.

  Chairman Jin listens to the recording at his office and deduces that Do-jun is the owner of the chessboard. He sends his men to pick up Sehyeon and bring him to his office. He asks about the connection between Power shares and Do-jun. Se-hyeon reveals that Korea’s powers-that-be are run by Do-jun’s money, but the company Do-jun invested in was not Hando Steel, but an online book company called codabra.

  He said they couldn’t agree and that’s why they ended the partnership. Se-hyeon said the decision to buy Hando Steel was due to Wall Street investors’ interest in the Northeast Asian Market. It provides an insight into the problems at Soonyang Group. The elder son hinders the father’s ambitions, while the younger son destroys the achievements of the elder son.

  He notes that this happens in conglomerate families. Chairman Jin asks to explain what Se-hyeon means as Young-ki walks in. Se-hyeon reveals that the consortium funding the Daeyoung Group is Dong-ki’s second son, which is confirmed in the next scene. Dong-ki admits that he betrayed his family because this is not the Joseon Dynasty and someone with proven management skills should be allowed to ascend the throne for Soonyang’s sake.  

Mr. Lee suggests to stop Chairman Jin-i Donh-ki before it’s too late. However, she doesn’t intend to get involved as she believes that Dong-ki is a businessman who doesn’t put family before profit. Young-ki is left to solve the whole matter with his team.

  He almost hits it with his hand, but Hwa-young comes to his rescue and gives Young-ki both Power Shares and money to beat Daeyoung in the tender. In return, Hwa-yong asks Young-ki to support her husband Chang-je to run for mayor. Soonyang wins the bidding war.

  Young-ki visits Dong-ki, unaware of Soonyang’s contract with the Daeyoung Group. Dong-ki looks uneasy at the dining table, and Chairman Jin praises Young-ki’s efforts.

  Elsewhere, Sehyeon and Do-jun enjoy a drink. They note that the chess pieces have fallen into place. They were not interested in owning Hando steel, but raised its bid price. They celebrate their victory.

  Do-jun knew that In-seok, the personal driver sent, was Dong-ki’s man. Dong-ki intended to use it to set a trap for Do-jun, but he used his intent against him because he couldn’t tell the difference between prey and prey. In addition, Min-young helped them by telling them about the listening device in the bouquet.

  Do-jun wanted to get Soonyang Group into 750 million debt and he succeeded. Se-hyeon presents a gift for her achievements. His investments in Codabra, now Amazon, yielded a whopping 900% return. The episode ends with announcements of businesses in Korea filing for bankruptcy and Korea drowning in debt, which will greatly affect Soonyang. Standing behind a dejected Chairman Jin watching the news, Do-jun reveals that this is only the beginning; Soonyang’s crisis will be her opportunity.

Episode Review

  This episode examines the greed, selfishness and ruthlessness among the members of the Soonynag family. Dong-ki’s greed forces him to betray his father’s company because he doesn’t want Young-ki to succeed and inherit the company. Young-ki lacks self-confidence, forcing him to make terrible business decisions.

  Do-jun seems to understand their characters and uses this against them to make big moves behind the scenes towards his ultimate goal and desire. While Do-jun uses his knowledge of how situations unfold like Hyeon-woo, he is also aided by extreme luck as he is unaware of certain events, such as realizing that In-hyeok is a spy. listening device. It’s interesting to learn that Soonyang’s crisis becomes Do-joon’s opportunity.

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