Part-time and full-time pickers/packers are desperately needed.

Do you enjoy working with fresh produce? Do you like to get up early in the morning? If this is the case, a position as a picker or packer at our Langwarrin South plant might be ideal for you! We are searching for dedicated people to join our team. We will give on-the-job training, therefore no prior experience is required. Pickers often work between the hours of 2 a.m. and 9 a.m., assisting drivers in loading their trucks with wholesale fresh food for restaurants and cafés.

Packers often begin packing 5-15kg bags/boxes of fresh meat at 2 a.m. or 5 a.m. Meat picking and packaging is a physically difficult profession that frequently necessitates working long hours in cold, rainy circumstances. The task may be repetitive and dangerous, with sharp blades and heavy machines posing a significant risk of harm. Picking and packaging meat may be a satisfying profession for people who are enthusiastic about food and wish to work in a fast-paced workplace, despite the obstacles.

There are prospects for advancement into management positions, and many organizations provide training and development programs to assist staff in improving their abilities. If you’re thinking about working in meat picking and packaging, here’s what you need know about the roles, responsibilities, and working conditions. A meat picker’s primary responsibility is to select the finest pieces of meat for packing.

This includes evaluating each piece of meat for quality, looking for faults, and making sure it fits the company’s requirements. Pickers must also verify that the meat is packaged appropriately, with the appropriate quantity of cushioning and labeling. They could also be in charge of packing the meat onto conveyor belts or pallets for transportation. Pickers may be required to operate machinery such as vacuums or sealers in some circumstances.

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Pickers must keep their work space clean in addition to picking and packaging the meat. This involves wiping off surfaces, properly disposing of garbage, and ensuring that all equipment is clean and sterilized. Pickers must also observe health and safety requirements at all times in order to reduce the chance of injury. Using personal safety equipment is part of this.

(PPE) such as gloves, aprons, and safety glasses, as well as following proper knife and other sharp object handling protocols. Meat pickers are usually employed in slaughterhouses, meatpacking operations, or supermarkets. Pickers are sometimes required to stand for extended periods of time, which can be physically demanding. The working environment is typically chilly and rainy, which can make it difficult to work.

There is also a lot of noise because of the machinery. This is a fantastic option for students searching for early morning jobs. Please apply if you are interested in joining our team. If you are interested in this position, please call 0409153596. We’d be pleased to talk more about the role with you.

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