Jurassic World: Dominion Movie Ending Explained, Does Temple leave the door open for a return to the franchise?

 Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) Movie Ending Explained:

 The Jurassic franchise started with ‘Park’, went on hiatus and returned with ‘World’. Dinosaurs lived among humans, as did dogs, pigeons, and any other animal you can think of. Although this is a possibility, the reality is not funny at all. In fact, sharing territory with prehistoric predators is quite terrifying. This is exactly where the Jurassic series reaches.  

 Jurassic World: Dominion Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

  Jurassic World: Dominion showed the aftermath of Fallen Kingdom, allowing dinosaurs to roam the earth among humans. However, animal abuse still existed as Biosyn aimed to control the food supply by creating genetically modified locusts and training them to destroy all non-biosyn food.

  This is Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant’s original film finds the duo teaming up for an investigation, and they’re joined by former partner Dr. Ian goes to meet Malcolm. Now he works in the Biosyn lab, located in the middle of the most comfortable dinosaur sanctuary. When Malcolm reveals his suspicions about the location, Sattler and Grant work to obtain evidence. Meanwhile, they encounter Maisie Lockwood, who was taken from Claire Dearing and Owen Grady’s remote home.

  In the end, Dearing and Grady chase down the villains to get their adopted daughter back. Another reason is that Grady promised to return her baby (Beta) with a velociraptor dinosaur named Blue.  

 The two groups teamed up in the forest, ran away from the dinosaurs, entered a building to collect evidence, and sneaked past the dinosaurs again. They were only able to fly safely to freedom as the apex predators confronted each other, allowing the humans to escape safely.

  Jurassic World: Dominion Movie Ending, Explained

  In the end Dr. Ellie Stattler and Dr. Alan Grant testified and Biosyn’s premises were designated a global sanctuary by the United Nations. Also, Dr. Henry Wu regained his character and kept his promise to look for Maisie. In doing so, he saved the world from a crisis, because locusts no longer destroyed entire fields.

  On the other hand, Maisie Lockwood returned home with Claire Dearing and Owen Grady; Reunited with Beta Blue.

  Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Did Alan Grant get back together?

  This didn’t happen overtly in the events of Jurassic World: Dominion, but it was a hint when Alan Grant said I’ll come with you when he landed at the airbase near Biosyn. Another came when Stattler adjusted his tie before testifying against Biosyn. These little signs, plus a throwback to 1993’s Jurassic Park, where he wanted to start a family, but didn’t. This leads me to believe that the producers want the audience to buy into this theory. 

 What happened to Biosyn CEO Lewis Dodgson?

  Dodgson tried to use dinosaur DNA and the work of Claire Lockwood to control the world’s food supply. But the CEO destroyed all the evidence after realizing that people were in on his plan.

  Dodgson then attempted to escape from his laboratory via the underground transportation system to various posts from the center. It was the only possible way, given that the ground was not safe and the shields in the air were disabled. Unfortunately, he was cornered by a traveling Dilophosaurus that sprayed him with black goo before eating him. The fate of the embryos with Lewis Dodgson was not addressed, but they are likely to remain in a global sanctuary.  

 How did Henry Wu find a solution to prevent the environmental crisis?

  Claire Lockwood realized she was sick and created Maisie Lockwood through her genes. But he altered Macy’s DNA so she wouldn’t suffer from a similar disease. This exact gene change Dr. Henry Wu helped save the world from an imminent environmental crisis.

Young Lockwood apparently believed what he heard and convinced the group to let Wu examine his DNA. Through his discoveries, Wu reversed the locusts and stopped them from destroying the world’s food supply.

  Biosyn has become a global shrine.

  Biosyn was a laboratory in the middle of a large forest region filled with dinosaurs underwater, on land and in the air. The laboratory was used for cunning purposes, with prehistoric animals serving as a standard defense mechanism against uninvited guests. As the audience witnessed, Kayla Watts’ plane carrying Owen Grady and Claire Dearing was intercepted by dinosaurs.

  After the testimony of Jurassic World: Dominion and the climax, the world realized that this place was going to be a big problem. Therefore, they allowed the dinosaurs to become a refuge.

  Does the establishment of the sanctuary mean that dinosaurs no longer roam the earth?

  No. In the universe of this film series, dinosaurs still roam among humans. Dr. Ellie Stattler Dr. Alan was seen fixing Grant’s tie. A little girl feeding a baby dinosaur in the background is proof of this.  

Does Temple leave the door open for a return to the franchise?

  With Jurassic Park 3, viewers may have believed that the Jurassic franchise was over. Then, almost a decade and a half later, they saw the franchise return with the sequel trilogy, The Jurassic World. It was built on the site of Jurassic Park 1 and 2 and turned into a theme park.

  We could very well see an evil corporation take over the sanctuary. More likely, however, the sanctuary is becoming a tourist attraction for patrons who want to witness monsters like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Giganotosaurus. It will follow the same template that ends with park systems breaking down, things going haywire, and one group overcoming the odds to save the day.

  This is possible. Maybe in a few years if audiences want to see more Stories from this Jurassic Park Universe.

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