Reborn Rich New Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap And Review

Reborn Rich Season 1 Episode 6 Recap 

Episode 6 of “Reborn Rich” begins with our main character Do-sun rushing to tell Hyeon-woo’s mother the good news that he has bought the Three-Way Restaurant building. A great shock awaited him when he saw the mourning light at the door. Inside, mourners gather, and she realizes that Hyeon-woo’s mother also died in this timeline. The landlord, from whom he bought the building, tells him that he committed suicide.

  Do-jun is convinced that the mother he remembers could never have taken her own life, and goes to investigate why. He walks into a three-way restaurant and tries to get a clue. She comes across Hyeon-woo’s report card and remembers her mother’s struggle and encouragement to get rich so her children never have to suffer.  

 During his research, he comes across documents about Soonyang Life Sciences and an investment portfolio that his mother prepared for the company. He rushes to the library to research the company and runs into Min-yong. She causes a scene in the library out of frustration that Do-joo continues to ignore her. He apologizes, tells her that he doesn’t think she deserves it, and gives her an umbrella,

  A deeper look into Soonyang’s life with the help of his team at Miracle Investment reveals that the company is a speculative hedge fund. Soonyang created it as a hedge fund to raise money to buy shares in Soonyang Corporation, the parent company that controls all of Soonyang’s subsidiaries. The company was liquidated using the president’s grand bargain and all the small shareholders lost their investment.

  Elsewhere, Mr. Lee presents Chairman Jin with a report on Soonyang life sciences that proves Se-hyeon’s theory. Soonyang used Gnaynoos to buy shares in Soonyang’s corporation to ensure that the board remained within the family. They also made $90 million from the liquidation of Soonyang Life Science.

  An enraged Do-jun visits Chairman Jin after realizing that Soonyang sacrificed minority shareholders in a succession strategy to avoid inheritance tax under the guise of creating a government- and IMF-mandated conglomerate.  

  Concerned about the minority shareholders, Chairman Jin tells Do-joon that he should never care about these people because he will never live like them. Outside the company, Do-jun sees the minority shareholders protesting and imagines what might happen to Hyeon-woo’s mother.

  Sung-joon joins Soonyag construction company as junior managing director. Dong-ki and Hwa-young are still worried about the company’s succession and strategize about how to win over each other, their eldest son, and their grandson. At the weekly family dinner, Yoo Ji-na mentions that Sung-joo is fit to join politics.

  Chairman Jin, who is adamantly against any member of his family becoming a politician, is furious and storms out. Hwa-young and Chang-je realize that they will never be able to get Chang-je’s family support to run.

While hanging out with his brother and Sung-joon after dinner, Do-joon shares his perspective that money is authority, and if their grandfather still hates politics so much, that means politicians still have power. Sung-joon admits his talent for investing and asks why he studied law instead of business.

  Do-jun points out that even if he was interested in Soonyang, his grandfather would never have forced him to work there because his father was different. Although he’s Chairman Jin’s grandson, he’s Yoong-ki’s son before him, so he’s not about to start a battle that’s already over. On the way home, Yoong-ki worries about Do-joo’s feelings.

  Chairman Jin takes Sung-joo to Nanji Island. This is the prospective site of the next major construction project by the government, New Seoul Campus. The chairman asks Jin Sung-joon to lead the project from tender to construction, which will begin after the end of the upcoming Seoul mayoral election.

  Do-jun is also interested in the projects and tells Se-hyeon that it will be Miracle Investment’s next target. Miracle Investment needs a construction company to invest in the new city of Seoul, so they begin negotiations to take over Jaea Civil Engineering Construction.

  Young-ki is upset that Sung-joon decided to participate in the construction of Soonyang without discussing it with him at a critical time in the succession plan. Sung-joon advises that they should work to get more shares in Soonyang Corporation, as Grandpa may pass before the succession plan is complete. He calls Hyeon-Min as well, asking her to give him a chance.

Sung-joon, Mr. Lee, and Chairman Jin meet to discuss a politician to ensure they get the New Seoul Project. Elsewhere, Se-hyeon approaches Chang-jae as he runs away, telling him that he’ll sponsor his mayoral bid, and in return he’ll have to give them a new soul project once he’s elected mayor. They agree to be partners.  

 Chang-je uses corporate crimes to gain public favor. Miracle investment also successfully acquires all assets of Jaea construction.

  Chairman Jin sets out to stop Chang-je from running. He tells the nomination committee that Soonyang Corporation used Prosecutor Chang-je to deliberately start investigations into Ahjin motors and Hando steel so the company could buy them. His candidacy fails, and an angry Hwa-yong comes to Jeonsinjae to talk to Chairman Jin.

  After Do-joon’s advice, Chang-jae works up the courage to confront Chairman Jin. He threatens to hold a press conference and inform Soonyang Life Sciences with all local, international and online media. In exchange for his support, Chairman Jin asks Chang-jae to promise him something.

  Chang-je wins the election and gives the construction project of New Seoul to Jaea Construction. He calls Chang-je over and asks if the person behind it, referring to the Miracle Investment, convinced him to do it.

  Chang-je tells him that he is after the citizens of Seoul, and he chooses Jaea, following the rules and regulations set for the better future of Seoul. The next time he wants to talk to the mayor, he asks him to meet with the mayor’s office.

Hyeon-min investigates Do-joon and realizes that he is connected to Miracle Investment. The prosecution raids Miracle Investment, which is investigating a report that Se-hyeon bribed Mayor Chang-jae to buy the New Seoul construction project. Mr. Lee visits him at the court offices where he is being held and tells him that Chairman Jin wants to meet with the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment.

  Elsewhere, Do-jun arrives, where Chairman Jin is waiting to meet with the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment. He announces his participation as a major shareholder of Miracle Investment. Jin Do-jun to the bewildered Chairman Jin Yang-cheol.

  Episode Review

  Although prepared for Hyeon-woo’s mother’s death, what should happen. It was still heartbreaking to see Do-jun/Hyeon-woo fall apart. The realization that Soonyang was involved in his death and the impact of their ruthless business strategies on the trusting public then fueled serious outrage.

  Do-jun continues to make great strides towards his goal, and it’s nice to see him score a big win against Soonyang’s group. However, he grew tired of Hyeon-min and his interest in Do-jun increased. What are his plans?

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