Chainsaw Man Netflix Web Series Season 1 Episode No 4 Recap And Honest Review

Chainsaw Man Season 1

Episode 4 Recap And Review 

Episode 4 of Chainsaw Man begins with a brief overview of Power’s story involving Meowy and Bat Devil. After the tour, he is shown running down the street. Power asks why he’s wasting his time protecting a cat. He wants to save Meowy because he loves how good his blood feels. 

 In the present, Power wakes up to find Denji capturing him and Meowy. Denji tells her with hand gestures that he only saved her because he wanted to feel her chest. Power tells Denji that he can rub his chest, but before Denji can, one of his arms is shot and eaten by the Leech Demon. Denji asks Power if he can’t move and he says not even an inch. Denji tries to transform into Chainsaw Man, but he can’t because he’s out of blood.

  Denji approaches the Leech Devil, who is angry that he killed his girlfriend, the Bat Devil. Leech Devil will let her off the hook if she becomes his new girlfriend, but he doesn’t plan on letting Power and Meowy live. Denji refuses and fights the worm demon. The wolf devil taunts Denji. He reveals to the Bat Devil that they share a desire to kill and eat all of humanity. Denji says he won’t stop fighting.

  They continue to fight. After some strikes, Leech stabs Denji in the chest with his Demon Tongue. Before eating it, Hayakawa arrived and summoned the devil fox. He cuts off the head of the Fox Leech Devil, freeing Denji from the Leech Devil. The fox asks Hayakawa if he can eat the leech devil, and Hayakawa allows it.

  Hayakawa confirms that the Leech Devil was destroyed while he was with three Public Security officers. He tasks the rookies with evacuating everyone safely from the area. Hayakawa captures Denji and plans to possess him and informed about the Power. He tells someone to send Meowy to the vet for a checkup. Denji wakes up in a hospital bed and Hayakawa tells Denji that the doctors reattached his arm.

  Denji mocks Hayakawa for befriending a werewolf devil. However, Hayakawa tells him that the Devil Hunters made a deal with demons to fight against them. Hayakawa reveals the blood in return; The Fox Demon offers him his power. Hayakawa confirms that they are monitoring Denji and Power’s movements through surveillance cameras.

  Bat saw Denji’s spilled blood in Devil’s house. Hayakawa has doubts about Denji and Power. However, he remembers the time Denji spent debating with the people he saved from the Bat Devil. Hayakawa tells Denji that if he listens to him, he won’t mouse the Power and him to Makima and higher. Denji accepts Hayakawa’s offer as he leaves his room to free Hayakawa from his shackles.

One of Hayakawa’s allies isn’t convinced that trusting the Force is the best decision, but Hayakawa insists on giving him another chance. Later that day, Hayakawa visits Makima and informs him of what happened between Denji, Power, and the Bat Devil. Makima thanked Hayakawa for his report. Makima tells Hayakawa that it’s strange that Denji and Power went further than the designated route.

  Hayakawa makes an excuse to cover for them, but Makima says it’s against the rules to leave the approved area. Hayakawa says that Makima should ignore the scenario since no one died and they defeated the two demons. Before leaving, Makima notices that Hayakawa is beginning to be influenced by Denji’s personality, but she denies it and leaves.

  In the morning, Hayakawa and Denji continue their lives. Suddenly, Power breaks down Hayakawa’s door and says how miserable his house is. Makima Hayakawa says forcing Gu to live with her and Denji. Makima believes that Power cannot live in an office. Power promised him he would be on his best behavior. Unfortunately, this is a lie, as Power was causing some problems for Hayakawa and Denji. 

 At night, Power enters the bathroom while Denji is cleaning. Power reminds Denji of his deal. Gives him three squeeze attempts. Although he didn’t plan on letting Denji feel his chest, he explained why. The episode concludes with Denji proclaiming Power as an angel.

  Episode Review

  This chapter of Chainsaw Man had a nice mix of suspense and action while offering a slice of humor. Seeing Denji fight a demon without his abilities was incredible and impressive. The anime also highlights some of Hayakawa’s abilities. It’s interesting how much of Hayakawa’s relationship with the Fox Demon mirrors Denji’s friendship with Pochita. This calls into question the origin of their meeting.

  At the same time, Hayakawa grows increasingly fond of Denji’s company. While she still finds Denji an ignorant kid with terrible goals, she admires his somewhat heroic spirit. Fans will enjoy watching their relationship blossom as the series continues. Aside from Hayakawa, Power barely evolved thanks to Denji’s brave move to save him and Meowy.

  Also, this episode had some issues. While the fight between Denji and the Leech Demon looked amazing, there were small moments where Denji’s actions felt sluggish and jarring. While the episode tries to explain how Hayakawa is tracking Power and Denji, the situation feels unnatural. Mappa had to cut some life scenes to give us more details about Hayakawa’s relationship with the Fox Demon.

  Otherwise, it was a funny entry with intense fights and jaw-dropping visuals. While the cliffhanger will confuse viewers for obvious reasons, it will be fun to see how the Hayakawa family holds the Force there. I hope that the upcoming episodes will continue to provide more lore and beautiful battles.

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