Big 4 New Hollywood Movie Review

Movie Review 

Directed by Timo Tjahjanto, The Big 4 is a terrific action comedy in 2 hours and 21 takes, and there’s a lot to like. 

The story wastes no time getting to the heart of the action. As police officer Dina investigates the death of her father Petrus, she discovers his true identity as the leader of a murder ring and the proud father figure. After finding the four robbers, his father taught him; Alpha, Jenggo, Pelor and their leader Topan, Dina and the Big 4 become targets of a psychopath named Antonio. When Antonio kidnaps the weakest member of the group, Dina and the rest of the group must work together to rescue him.

  The first scene quickly sets a heroic tone. The child is placed in the care of an orphanage, but it turns out to be an organ farm. The assassin team butt heads left and right, and this theme of violence is maintained for the rest of the film.

  There are frequent, fast-paced action scenes and a few long sequences, all of which are well choreographed. Adding more weight to the film, The Big 4 has an excellent cast and each actor fully transforms into their character.

  The film is also absolutely action-packed and there is never a dull moment. The funny conversations between the main characters hold the film together and make it a fun experience. These little touches add much needed levity and the jokes used are really hilarious.


  The Big 4 has a compelling storyline and really relies on its gore and violence. There is a good hint used to bring the dialogue to an end. Although it would have been nice to see more vigilante action, the film ended with a sequel teaser. This may not be the last we see of our characters; there is hope for more big 4 runs. Overall, this is a well-made film that any action-hungry moviegoer will enjoy.

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