Chainsaw Man Netflix Web Series Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap And Honest Review

Chainsaw Man Season 1

Episode 6 Recap And Review 

Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man begins with Himeno and Hayakawa checking to see if they are in an endless loop at the hotel. The crew goes into a hotel room to discuss the situation. 

 Hayakawa confirms that they are stuck on the eighth floor due to the ability of the devil they are targeting. Denji claims that if Power hadn’t killed the archdevil, they wouldn’t be in this situation, angering him. Arai suggests waiting it out as Public Security can send allies to the hotel to rescue them. Kobe is stressed. She reveals that even though she wanted to go to college, her parents forced her to become a Devil Hunter or a sex worker.

  Power laughs at Kobe’s misery as Himeno comforts him. Hayakawa informs the others that their targeted demon can freeze time on the eighth floor since it’s not past 8:18. He claims that if this is true, no one will save them. Denji falls asleep. Himeno wakes him up and informs him of their current situation. Arai and Kobeni rest in the same room while Hayakawa searches for the devil.

  Power, Himeno, and Denji decide to watch Arai and Kobe from another room. Denji notices Himeno smoking the same brand of cigarettes as Hayakawa. He confirms that he was the one who influenced him to smoke. In a flashback, Himeno urges young Hayakawa to smoke because it will help him improve his social skills. He refuses. Himeno tells Hayakawa that she knows he is a Devil Hunter to get revenge on the Gun Devil.

The next day, Hayakawa sees Himeno being slapped by her ex-partner’s boyfriend. Hayakawa rushes to her aid, but Himeno says that everything is fine. He says insulting some Devil Hunters is a way for family and friends to get back at the devils who killed their loved ones. Hayakawa runs off for a moment to put gum on the woman’s dress.

  He informs Himeno of his actions. She said she shouldn’t feel guilty or put up with their rude behavior. At a diner, Himeno tells Hayakawa that she believes she will outlast her former partners because of her spirit. Himeno gives Hayakawa a cigarette and convinces him to smoke, despite his stance against the product.

  In the present, Hayakawa returns to the meeting room and asks Himeno for a cigarette. He passionately gives his cigarette to Hayakawa, angering Denji. After the prank ends, Hayakawa tells the crew members that the power of the devil he killed earlier has returned and is greater than before. The gang runs outside after hearing a loud noise.

  They face the archdevil, who no longer seems like a small threat. It appears as a blob with multiple faces embedded in its body. He speaks and demands that they surrender Denji to him so they can feast on his flesh. He promises to let everyone go if he complies. Kobeni leaves the room with a knife in his hand. He tries to attack Denji, but is subdued by Himeno and Hayakawa.

  Hayakawa tries to summon the Fox Demon, but realizes that it won’t come out because it’s disconnected from the rest of the world. Himeno confirms that the Fox Devil’s body is in Kyoto. Himeno summons her ghost to fight the Archdevil and does some damage, but it only enlarges the archdevil’s body. The chief devil confirms many suspicions. Himeno and her friends are in the stomach of the entity, it has no weaknesses on the eighth floor, and the gang must cut its heart to get it out.

  Denji taunts the Head Devil and says that he will kill everyone anyway. Himeno refutes his claim because the archdevil uses the term “contract” in his demands. When a contract is made, both parties must comply. If one person breaks the contract, he will die. Arai leaves the room and tells Himeno that they should accept the archdevil’s wishes. He confirms that Demon Hunters are legally allowed to contract with demons.

Hayakawa goes against Arai’s wishes. He said hooking Denji would benefit the archdevil. Power offers to kill him to fulfill his Nobel Prize wish, but Hayakawa confirms that Fiends cannot make pacts with demons. They decide to keep Denji alive and wait to strategize. Hayakawa wants to use his sword, but Himeno counters, confusing Denji. Arai, Power, and Kobeni are arguing in another room.

  Maddened, Kobe plans to kill Power, but Arai tells him to stop. Kobeni is furious that Arai would side with him despite being Devil Hunters. Kobeni yells out loud, prompting the archdevil to spring into action. He chases Denji, Himeno, and Hayakawa down the corridor. The archdevil confirms that he will continue to grow adjacent to their fear as he attempts to capture Denji. He reveals that his name is the Devil of Eternity.

  The Eternity Demon causes the floor to spin vertically. Hayakawa, Denji, and Himeno enter the room completely unchanged. On the other hand, Kobeni urges them to make a deal with the Eternity Devil. Before Hayakawa can use his sword, Himeno angers Denji by using his Ghost Demon to confuse Hayakawa.  

  Kobeni, Arai, and Power use the floor’s twisted nature to reach the others. Hayakawa protects Kobe before he stabs Denji. Everyone is shocked by Hayakawa’s action. He confirms that even though Denji deserves to be stabbed a million times, he needs Denji to survive and can help him kill the Gun Demon.

Denji calls out to the Force to help Hayakawa as he loses a lot of blood. Although the power can only control his own blood, he accepts. Himeno suffers a mental breakdown after seeing Hayakawa in this bad state. Kobeni yells at Denji. Denji decides to fight the Eternity Demon, but tells Himeno that it’s best to fulfill the contract once it’s over.

  Denji plans to transform into Chainsaw Man. He tells the others that the Eternity Devil should be afraid of his chainsaws because he asked the others to kill Denji themselves. Denji plans to tear him apart until he can’t take any more pain. He hopes that she wants to end her suffering by taking her own life in response. Denji tells Hayakawa that he hopes this will even them out.

The episode ends with Denji leaping out of the room and into the mouth of the Eternity Devil.

  Episode Review

  This episode of Chainsaw Man shows that no matter how scary a person may seem, they all have a weakness. From Hayakawa protecting Denji from Kobeni’s attack to Himeno having a mental breakdown, this week had plenty of twists and turns for fans to enjoy. This episode sheds light on Hayakawa, Himeno and Kobeni’s past.

  Fans will be happy to hear more about Hayakawa’s sword. Knowing that it will take years of his life away from him makes the dilemma with the leech devil all the more meaningful. However, fans will be questioning why Fox signed such a deal with the Devil. Some may wonder how strong he is with a sword. As you can tell, there is a lot to be said for Hayakawa’s character.

  Even though he’s the brashest of the crew, Kobeni’s character feels the most grounded. Her voice actress captures the anxiety and stress of the situation incredibly. Her family forced her into this role and it hurt to see her shed tears. However, like Hayakawa, there must be more to Kobeni than his athleticism, as Himeno and her family consider him a skilled Demon Hunter.

  On that note, we get more information about Himeno and Hayakawa’s partnership, which is great. Himeno may be tough, but she’s dealing with the trauma left by her deceased comrades. This adds more depth to her character and gives fans reasons to appreciate her presence in the story. Seeing Himeno crack up at the sight of Hayakawa’s wound sent more chills down my spine than seeing Kobeni’s consistent misery.

  Otherwise, this chapter gave fans more insight into the past and present issues of our secondary characters. Although some bits are slow, repetitive and suspenseful, the sixth episode goes off on a thrilling cliffhanger. Let’s hope that Denji’s chaining abilities will tear the Eternal Devil a new one next week!

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