Chainsaw Man Netflix Web Series Season 1 Episode No 7 Recap And Honest Review

Chainsaw Man Season 1
Episode 7 Recap And Review 

Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man begins with Denji transforming into Chainsaw Man and tearing the Eternity Devil to pieces. Power informs the others that Denji may be in danger as he has lost a lot of blood. Doing so will cause his chainsaws to retract. 

 Everyone looks at the wild scene in the distance. Himeno remembers an encounter with a public security officer while burying one of his deceased comrades. As Mr. explains how demons feed on the fear of their victims, they discuss how demons fear the Devil Hunters with their crazy mindset. He tells Himeno to look after Hayakawa and leaves.

  That day, Himeno and Hayakawa go to a restaurant and eat. Himeno asks Hayakawa if he will join her in the private sector. He tries to convince Hayakawa to give up his desire to find and kill the Gun Devil. Hayakawa declines the offer because Himeno smokes. In his thoughts, Hayakawa discusses his concerns about Hayakawa’s pursuit of the Gun Devil.

  Himeno knows that the Gun Demon has killed hundreds of people and doesn’t want Hayakawa to join his kill count. Currently, Denji continues to tear the Devil of Eternity a new one. During his battle, Denji drinks the blood of the Eternity Devi and realizes that it can heal him. Himeno admires Denji’s tenacity and feels he can stop the Gun Devil.

  Three days pass. The gang remains holed up on the eighteenth floor of the hotel as Himeno checks on everyone. Meanwhile, the Demon of Eternity grows tired of Denji’s attacks and opens his heart to him. Denji cuts his heart in half and they all run away from the hotel. Himeno carries Denji because he has lost a lot of energy. They slide some of the Weapon Demon’s flesh consumed by the Eternity Demon.

  Later that day, Himeno and Hayakawa discuss having a welcome party to celebrate their new unit’s reunion. Himeno says it’s worth having someone to convince Kobe and Arai to stay and not quit. They are angry with themselves for being afraid of demons and wanting to kill Denji. Hayakawa shows Himeno another flesh sample of the Weapon Demon.

  He tells Himeno that they should have a party this week because he wants to invite Makima before he goes on a business trip. Makima wants to gather reinforcements, as many devils have a strange liking for Denji’s abilities. Himeno asks Hayakawa numerous questions about Denji and Makima’s mysterious attraction to him.

Everyone eats and drinks at a party. Kobeni arrives late because someone says Makima will be stopping by later. While looking at the menu, Denji remembers Himeno promising to kiss him. Himeno tells him that she will kiss him after he gets drunk.  

  Denji reveals that he is sixteen years old and loves to eat and sleep. Arai reveals that he is 22 years old, has a contract with the Fox Demon, and enjoys writing Haiku. Denji is confused as Hayakawa has already made a deal with the Fox Demon. However, Hayakawa explains that the Fox Devil is friendly and makes pacts with many Devil Hunters. Himeno adds that the Fox Devil likes to make deals with good-looking people.

  Kobeni reveals that he is 20 years old and likes to eat delicious food. He cannot reveal the devil’s deal with them. Himeno asks a Demon Hunter named Fushi where the teenager is. Unfortunately, his young player passed away yesterday. Arai and Kobeni worry as one of the Demon Hunters explains that people die easily because they cannot overcome their demons.

  Himeno teases Denji with a promise of a kiss. Another member explains that Himeno has kissed everyone but the newbies, and Denji can’t wait to get a kiss from her. Suddenly, Makima arrives and scares Denji. Denji refuses to kiss anyone because he doesn’t want to hurt Makima. Himeno teases Denji about it and he refuses. Makima asks him about the kiss because Denji doesn’t want him to see her kissing Himeno.

  Denji brings the discussion back and tells Makima that he found the Weapon Devil piece. Hayakawa notes that more demons with Weapon Demon Fragments arrive and target Denji. He asks Makima if he knows anything about Denji, but he will only say that he knows that Hayakawa can’t drink it. As they all drink, Himeno jumps into trouble.

  One of the demon hunters is amazed at Power’s ability to suppress his violent tendencies. Power claims it’s because he has a high IQ. A member asks him what power his IQ is and the discussion turns into a joke of lies and truth. Himeno turns to Denji’s way and the two separate. However, Denji realizes that his tongue is vomit, not taste. Everyone laughs.

In a flashback, young Denji is foraging with Pochita and sees a bunch of rats eating someone’s vomit. He laughs at them as we cut to the present, throwing up in the toilet. Arai helps Denji with his problem and tells him that he helped his mother when he got drunk after work. Arai is jealous of Denji’s phenomenal Devil Hunter prowess because it tastes like barf from his first kiss.

  The party wraps up and Makima asks where Denji is. Someone informs him that Himeno has taken him somewhere. Denji wakes up at night and asks for water. Himeno walks up to him and mouths him a beer. Himeno asks Denji why he is so in love with Makima since he can do better than her. Himeno knows that he and Hayakawa are hurting and annoying her a lot.

  Himeno lays next to Denji and whispers something in his ear. The episode concludes with Himeno asking Denji to have sex with her.

  Episode Review

  From Denji’s endless ramblings to the heartwarming energy built at the welcome party, this episode had a lot of decent aspects.

  He also provided some interesting information about Makima’s status in the Public Safety department, which is worth discussing with fans and friends. Makiman’s constant admiration of Denji always left room for speculation. However, seeing Hayakawa and Himeno discuss Makima’s attachment to Denji will make you wonder what she’s hiding from everyone.

  Speaking of Denji, he was this week’s shining star. His battle with the Eternity Demon produced excellent animation and visuals. I was amazed to see blood splattering on the screen and Denji unleashing beastly attacks. It reminded me of Doom Slayer’s bone-crushing maneuvers in Doom, especially the soundtrack that plays over the battle. 

 It’s one of the greatest performances of the series, unfortunately shorter than the previous fights. While it was cool that Denji defeated the Eternity Devil, the resolution was too fast. Additionally, there’s plenty of dialogue backed up by some spooky scenery. For example, it would be interesting to get a scene or two about the killing of one of the Demon Hunter’s ex-teens.

  This would increase the intensity of Kobeni’s discussion with one of the hunters. Furthermore, the humor embedded in this chapter carried mixed baggage.

  Despite the weird visual humor and rushed boss fight, this episode felt like a solid follow-up to last week’s insane chapter. Let’s hope the series can introduce some demons that will push Denji to his limits and continue to build on Makima’s character.

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