06 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Karlovy Vary.

06 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Karlovy Vary.



1. The Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul

1898 St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church , well worth a visit. Despite being in the Karlovy Vary region known for its beautiful Art Nouveau villas, this gorgeous old church manages to stand out thanks to its tall golden domes and rich blue roof.

Based on a design by a Byzantine church in Moscow that was built with funds provided by wealthy Russians visiting spas, the church’s interior—built in the shape of a Greek cross—is as attractive as its facade. comfort. Tsar Peter the Great, many murals, and a large wooden wall of icons and paintings.

2. Karlovy Vary Museum and Art Gallery

A good place to learn more about the history of the city and the surrounding area is the Karlovy Vary Museum. Highlights of the museum’s permanent holdings include an in-depth look at Karlovy Vary ‘s rise as an important spa town, as well as the water itself and its many healing uses and properties, including mineral compositions. Also of note are the museum’s interactive displays about the local wildlife.

The facility also contains an important library, with many books relating not only to balneotherapy (the study of spa waters), but also to the history of art, along with educational lectures and workshops.

Also worth a visit is the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery, with its fine collection of paintings and sculptures by notable Czech artists, as well as regular concerts and theatrical performances.

3. Take a tour of Locat Fort .

The attractive riverside community of Loket is located just 13 km from the center of Karlovy Vary. club Ohri , where the center of tourist attraction is the magnificent old castle perched above the village. The 12th-century Lokat Castle ( Hrad locat ) is well preserved and has been endured with some changes.

Used as a prison from the 18th to the 20th century, the thick stone walls of the castle have earned it a reputation as the most impregnable castle in Bohemia (torture chambers, horrific treatment of enemies and prisoners). But looks great).

English-language guided tours of the interior are available to admire such highlights as the extensive ceramic and weapons collections and the interior, which has remained relatively untouched since the Middle Ages ( audio guides are also available).

If possible, try to time your visit to coincide with the annual opera festival held every July, when the castle provides a stunning backdrop as the Czech National Opera plays in the town’s outdoor amphitheater. It plays an important role by providing

4. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which has been running almost continuously since 1946, is one of the most important stops on the international film festival circuit today. Attracting stars and crowds from far and wide, the city swells to more than 130,000 moviegoers each August, who come here to see (or promote) 200 or more films.

The five-day festival is a good time to visit if you’re able to get tickets, or even if you’re interested in a little stargazing next to your spa – Hollywood stars like Morgan Freeman, Judi Dench , and Jude Law have been guest stars at the festival in the past. . Book accommodation ahead of time, so plan accordingly.

5. Historical Motorcycle Museum of Karlovy Vary

A fun game for motorcycle enthusiasts, the Motorcycle Historical Museum ( Museum History motocyklu) a short walk from Karlovy Vary in the small village of Bykov. club Taplow _ Highlights of the tour include over 40 well-preserved machines and many related artifacts, including engines and motorcycle equipment, all housed in an ancient 13th-century building.

Of interest is a small toy museum with examples from all over Bohemia, as well as displays of cutlery and weapons. Afterwards, be sure to wander the quiet streets of this little village, which is home to many fine old buildings (including a castle) as well as a pleasant river walk.

6. Spot wildlife at St Linhart Game Reserve.

It is located behind the Grand Hotel. The 70-acre Pup , Linhart Game Reserve is a great place to see wild boar, spotted deer, and giant damsel. Sika deer in its natural habitat. You can hike to the observatory area from the top of the Diana Cable Car, or take a fun train ride to Březová u Karlovy Vary Railway Station.

To avoid intruding on the animal space, visitors can observe the animals from suspension bridges several meters in the air. Boardwalks take you through meadows, along ponds, and even through the woods. Small educational paths take you to a different field and covered observatory.

The 13th-century St Linhart’s Church is also nearby.

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