Top 05 attractions and things to do in Cesky Krumlov

Top 05 attractions and things to do in Cesky Krumlov



1. Experience rafting down the Vltava River.

Town of Cesky Krumlov is perfect for enjoying the water, lapping the Vltava River and past gorgeous architecture. You can hop on a catamaran just a few steps from the castle and head to Ceske Budejovice, another dreamy town with its own magical Old Town. Along the way, you will pass the town of Zlata Korona and its ancient monastery, and you will have the opportunity to grab a snack or a cold drink at the snack stands on the waterfront.

a greater experience, local companies will take you to the city of Vyšší. Brood so you can make your way to Chesky Krumlov – This is a more advanced trip that can take seven hours or more, as the river is full of shallow rapids that require strong paddlers and an understanding of how to maneuver through the many compact rapids.

It is also possible to explore the waters of the Cesky River Krumlov on wooden rafts. Evening strolls take visitors through the old town during the summer for a relaxing view of the castle and the surrounding nature.

2. Climb the Mt. Cleat

On the outskirts of Cesky. Mount Krumlov , at 1,084 metres, makes for a perfect diversion after all the sightseeing in the historic Old Town. Getting there is half the fun, and the summit can be reached by walking the well-marked trails, or taking a quick cable car ride.

Away from the summit of the mountain is the Klet Observatory , while at the top is the Josef Tower, an excellent lookout tower built in 1885. Klet is also an Important Conservation Area, and hiking down the mountain offers many great opportunities to enjoy the local flora and fauna. Alternatively, you can rent an all-terrain mountain bike to get back into town.

3. Fototelier Saddle Discovery Museum

A top attraction for those interested in photography, the Musée Fototelier Saddle traces the history of the art form back to its roots in the 19th century. Housed in the studios of photography pioneers Josef and Frantisek Siedlce, this charming museum features a wealth of artifacts from the early years of European photography, countless historical photographs and postcards, glass plate negatives, cameras and darkroom equipment. .

Having leftovers from the time the couple lived and worked here, the museum includes other highlights such as artifacts and personal effects, as well as original furnishings. (Guided tours are available in English.)

4. Rediscover history at the Wax Museum.

Wax Museum in Cesky Krumlov is housed in a fully restored Renaissance house, which makes for a fun excursion, especially for those traveling with kids. The museum contains many interesting wax figures in costumes and postures that would have been common in medieval Europe. Highlights include replicas of a blacksmith’s workshop, an alchemist’s shop, a medieval hotel, and a wonderful re-creation of the royal courts of Emperor Rudolf II. Also on display are wax figures of famous people from the 20th and 21st centuries, including rock stars, movie stars, and royalty.

Other quirky museums worth visiting in Chisco Moldavian Museum ( Museum _ vltavínu ), with displays related to meteorites, and interesting experiences in the 3D Museum, which is notable for its 3D displays of artwork that (literally) jump out at you. One of the best free things to do in Chisco Visit Krumlov’s fascinating Trade Museum, which features displays of old marketing materials, traditional merchandise, and 19th-century shop management .

5. Be terrified at the Museum of Torture.

While it’s certainly not for everyone – especially if you’re an angry one – Ceský Krumlov’s Torture Museum (Museum of Torture ) offers a fascinating look at the cruel ways in which criminals have been mistreated, often falsely accused, over the centuries.

Tucked away in the medieval confines of the Old Town Hall on the main square, this dark and fascinating museum presents over 100 grisly artifacts and torture devices, including a chilling display of the burning of a terrifying witch. The details show that Europe was once overwhelmed.

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