His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode Number 8 Recap And Detailed Review

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode No 8 Recap And Review 

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 8 begins the final chapter of Lyra and Will on the paradise world they have moved to. After everything, Lyra goes into the water to cool off and rest, but the two demons are nowhere to be found. The memory of the golden monkey’s disappearance still haunts him. Lyra believes that Mrs. Coulter is dead and feels the strangest that Asriel is gone too.  

 What happened to Mulefa?

  Pan and Kirjava watch from a distance and believe they are safe. Father Gomez is still on the hunt and determined to kill “Eve” who seems unaware of Metatron’s suspension. Anyway, the altimeter points Lyra in the direction they should go, where they follow the sound of the mulefa. Someone stops – Atal, of course – and leads them to where Mary is.

  Mary shows them that Dust and Sraf are one and the same and that this is not a sin. It’s just part of everything. Mulefa was in balance with the Dust, but her disappearance completely destroyed the balance of the multiverse as it overflowed from the world. The only way to save him is to use your creativity and find some kind of discovery to bring him back to this world.


  That night, Lyra tries to summon Pan, who wants to talk to her, but her Demon still keeps his distance. Unfortunately, this distance is shortened forever by Father Gomez approaching their location. In fact, he sees Lyra and Will from a distance the next day, as the pair are together in the water.

  Will ignores Lyra’s cue as she approaches him, but there are more pressing matters. Up high, Gomez holds his gun ready to fire at Lyra. Balthamos appears and refuses to let Gomez kill him by crushing his Demon. The Angel then disappears as Gomez is stopped and the Magisterium is finally defeated.

  “Eve’s love” heals the world and Lyra and Will finally kiss, fulfilling the prophecy that allows nature to flourish. Serafina watches in amazement from the camp as the Dust slows down and this seems to be just the spark needed to restore balance. Serafina next visits the Daemons and encourages them to return to their human counterparts.

As a result, Lyra and Pan are reunited and Lyra tells her Demon that she loves him. As for Will, he also teamed up with Kirjava and the pair tapped into each other’s Demons.

  How will Will and Lyra save their world?

  Xaphania comes to see Mary and mentions that the Multiverse was saved thanks to her. The night before Will and Lyra, his tale of love was triggered. Xaphania breaks the news that Mary needs to return to her world, while Will and Lyra learn heartbreakingly what they must do. They have to go back to their world and they can’t be together anymore. It’s the only way to stop the Dust Stream from leaking out and restore their world.

  Alas, the Aletiometer doesn’t help, partly because Lyra is growing now. As for Will, he must return to his world and break the blade so that the Angels can travel through the different worlds to heal all wounds. As the pair part ways, Lyra promises to reunite with him in the Land of the Dead after their lives are over.

  Mary Malone also says goodbye to Atal and the other mulefa and prepares to leave. The quartet go through Will’s portal and find themselves back in Lyra’s world in Oxford. Mary urges Serafina to watch over Lyra, considering how difficult it will be. In return, Serafina helps Mary reach inside and see her Daemon in the form of a black alpine stick.

  How does His Dark Materials season 3 end?

  Finally, it’s time to say goodbye, and Will goes to the other side of the portal, closing it with his knife, but before that they share one last kiss together. Finally, Lyra and Pan are left alone, as are Will and Kirjava. Will is reunited with his mother as Lyra re-enters Oxford.

  Years pass and Lyra and Will, true to their word, meet once a year on the bench. Will goes on to become a medical student and later a successful surgeon, while Lyra studies at Oxford and teaches alethiometer reading. The narration tells us that this will probably be useful for Pan and Lyra as they go on another adventure… but that’s a story for another day.  

 Episode Review

  His Dark Materials bows out with an emotionally charged finale that does a good job of tying up all the loose ends and bringing this fantasy series to a close. The ending hints that a sequel may follow, but we’ll have to wait and see what the combined HBO/BBC production team decides to do with it.

  Either way, His Dark Materials has been a really solid watch, and this final season has been a whirlwind ride that finally brings the journey to an end. While this episode was far from perfect, seeing Lyra and Will break up was certainly emotional.

  The situation with Father Gomez ended almost as quickly as it began. Throwing in a bit of late drama when it really wasn’t needed felt like a last gasp Hail Mary.

  That rumor aside, Mary’s purpose is finally shown, and it’s a nice touch that she gets to see her own Daemon as well. Not only that, but the show manages to wrap up all the big plot points and bring everything to a satisfying conclusion.

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