Reborn Rich New Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 1 Recap And Review

Reborn Rich Episode 1 Recap And Review 

Reborn Rich Episode 1 begins at an international bank, where Yoon Hyun-woo signs some documents and the bank deposits $600 million into his account to withdraw whenever he wants.  

  Soonyang Group chairman Jin Young-ki leaves the courthouse with his bodyguards, and reporters reveal that he has been charged with stock manipulation, embezzlement and embezzlement. The offense is punishable by three years in prison and five years of probation, which the courts impose on him, thus relieving him of professional misconduct. Yoon Hyun-woo is among his bodyguards.  

 Recruit Shin Gyeong Min is introduced in preparation for the launch ceremony of Soonyang Group’s successor. She adores Hyun-woo and idolizes him for his loyalty to the Soonyang family. In the scene, we learn that Yoon Hyeon-woo is the general manager of the Future Asset Management Department.

  He is diligent and seems to know a lot about his employers, as he orders his assistant Shin to help him get rid of the drinks because the chairman is allergic to peaches. Assistant Shin idolizes him for being the chairman’s most trusted employee for over five years, regardless of his heavy workload, and wants to know what he needs to do to be like Hyeon-woo.

  The other employees think of Hyeon-woo as a convenient family servant who they use to do all the dirty work and keep their hands clean. Later we realize that he is always at the disposal of the family and even in the shower he calls to do simple tasks like cleaning the toilet.

  On the day he is to be announced as the new chairman, Jin Seong-jun, eldest grandson and son of chairman Jin Young-ki, renounces his inheritance, causing his father to be hospitalized. His wife Mo Hyeon-min instructs Hyeon-woo to find her husband and make sure he is at the ceremony to give a speech in 30 minutes.

  Hyeon-woo finds the vice president in an emotional wreck at a hotel with a golf club and smashing potted plants and fish tanks because the staff insist on giving him dinner. Hyeo-woo manages to get the crew to safety, but at the cost of taking a golf club to the head. Eventually, he manages to calm Seong-joon, who still harbors past traumas from his grandfather’s look at him after the vase-breaking incident in his teenage years and the mysterious accident he and his father had initially argued about.

Seong-jun announced big plans for the company, including turning the company into one that serves the people at a ceremony to take over as the new chairman. The family is not happy about this, but their concern is the health of the former chairman, who was hospitalized with an acute myocardial infarction. A visit to the hospital brings with it the black sheep of the family.  

  We learn that they insist on getting married and pursuing their careers, despite the objections of Jin Yang-cheol, the founder of the family and Yoon-ki’s father. Hae-in wants answers about what happened to her son and uses his 3% stake in the Soonynag group as a bargaining chip.

  The first is to never refuse an order given by any member of the Soonyang family. The second rule is to never ask questions, and the third is to never make personal judgments.

  Another challenge Soonyang’s group faces is prosecutor Seo Min-young. Prosecutor Seo is determined to prove the Soonyang family’s professional misconduct, and she seizes the assets in Hyeon-woo’s office. However, they were aware of the invasion and had moved all the company’s files and computers and replaced them with new ones.

  Hyeo-woo and his team are now tasked with deleting any incriminating files, and in the process, Assistant Manager Shin comes across a paper company being used as a slush fund to transfer large amounts of company money to an overseas account. Hyeon-woo reports the file to the finance manager, who shreds the document and instructs Hyeon-woo not to look at it.  

 Regardless, Hyeon-woo reports the overseas account to Seong-joon, the new chairman, who fires the finance manager and appoints Hyeon-woo in his place. Hyeon-woo’s first role as finance manager is to retrieve the money in the slush, launder it for the company, and recover all the stolen assets. So Hyeon-woo enters a foreign bank by depositing 600 million.

  We learn that the conversation between Seong-jun and Hyeon-woo was taped and turned over to his aunt Jin Hwa-young, who plays it for the prosecutor and asks if she can press charges. In addition, Jin Dong Ki’s daughter Ye Jun knew about the slush fund from fired CFO Kim and asked for money after the money was received.

  Hyeon-woo runs into some crazies on his way out of the bank. He is caught as he is being led over the edge of a cliff. Assistant Manager Shin shows up, and although he seems conflicted, he reminds Hyeon-woo to never refuse an order, to ask questions, and never to judge a person. He informs Hyeon-woo that the person who needs the money wants him dead. Assistant Manager Shin leaves and the mercenaries shoot Hyeon-woo over the edge of a cliff and he falls to his death.

  Miraculously, Hyeon-woo wakes up in the body of Jin Do-joo, the youngest grandson of the Soonyang family and son of Yoon-ki and Hae. The episode ends with a confused young Jin Do-joon looking at his grandfather Jin Yang-cheol, still struggling to understand what happened.

  Episode Review

  It’s Song Joong-Ki’s comeback after his success with Vincenzo, and based on this first episode, we’re in for a thrilling thriller.

  The first episode gave us a good introduction to each character and hopefully we’ll learn more as we get further into the show. It was also refreshing to get a Jin-young cameo, hope to see him in future shows soon.

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