Reborn Rich New Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap And Review

Reborn Rich Season 1 Episode 2 Recap 

Episode 2 of Reborn Rich begins with our protagonist, now in the body of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol’s youngest grandson, struggling to find out how he got back to 1987 and why he is the grandson of his now-dead employer. Do-joon and his family arrive for Chairman Jin’s 60th birthday. Yoong-ki’s family visits the family home for the first time.

 We are briefly introduced to the family competition in the kitchen, where the bride tries to impress her mother-in-law with compliments. Hae-in joins them, trying to reach out, but her mother-in-law asks her to stay with her husband and the boys. They start teasing his daughters-in-law Jung-rae and Ji-na and sister-in-law Hwa-young Lee-ha.

  His grandfather fails to recognize Do-joo’s family, and the reality of the situation dawns on Do-joo, who tries but fails to remember himself in the family he knew in his previous life as hyeon-woo.

  Do-joon explores the house and stumbles upon the famous vase incident, which Sung-joon attributes to his insecurities. He witnesses Sung-Joo pocketing his grandfather’s change; when he realizes he is caught, he is surprised, stumbles and accidentally hits the vase. Sung-joon tries to blame the incident on Do-joon, and his family backs him up, saying that since he’s the eldest grandson, the third-generation heir to the family, Grandpa will believe him, according to Do-joon.

  However, Do-joon is not about to go down, he exposes his thefts and his grandfather is very disappointed with him. Do-joon realizes that everything happened exactly as he remembers, and rushes to Hyeon’s family restaurant, where he finds his mother, dead in her previous life, alive and well in this timeline. He gets emotional and orders food. Later, her family comes to pick her up and she breaks down in tears on the way home.

  The next day, he returns to jeongsimjae and overhears a family discussion about which candidate to support in the upcoming election. Considering that he had already lived this life as Hyeon-woo, he had actual knowledge of how things would unfold. The family finishes their discussion and waits for Do-ju outside the study. But the grandfather refuses to see him on the grounds that he has only two sons.

  He announces that he has come to apologize to his grandfather and pay for the broken vase. Dong-ki sarcastically asks young DO-joon how much he thinks the vase is. He answers five counts. The family thinks he means five or $50 and starts laughing at him. They are amazed when he answers five million.

His grandfather is also surprised to see that he is paying attention to what he is saying. Using his previous knowledge of the events, he offers insight into the upcoming presidential election and suggests that Grandpa support the third candidate, Roh Tae Won. He used his uncles and aunts as children because of his impudence. After he left, the words he said about the recent elections came true.  

  Chairman Jin wonders why he is confident of the presidential election. He offers simple explanations, which further amaze Chairman Jin and his secretary, Mr. Lee. Therefore, his grandfather, using assumptions, asks him about the problem he is facing in business. Do-joon asks for a prize if he gets it right since it’s a quiz. But he could not answer immediately.

  Chairman Jin is off on business, and on the cover of a magazine, Do-joon realizes that his grandfather, Soonyang, is asking for advice on how to beat the Japanese and American markets by killing his business. As he immediately tries to reach her, he realizes that the flight his grandfather was supposed to be on was crushed by a terrorist attack in his previous life.

  Therefore, he takes it upon himself to save his grandfather, making sure that he is not on the plane. It was almost too late, but his grandfather finally got his message and changed flights on a layover. As suggested by Do-joon, he returns to Seoul to make a business deal that proves beneficial for Soonyang.

  In addition, presidential candidate Do-joon offered to support him to win the elections. The President calls Chairman Jin and promises to support Soonyang and let them have a monopoly. Chairman Jin admits that through incredible foresight, intuition, instinct, or luck, Do-joon knows things that others don’t.

  He wonders if he knows what the future holds. Do-joon wins the chairman’s good graces by saying that he knows what’s in his heart. Chairman Jin wanted to develop his semiconductor business, but his efforts seemed ill-advised because the business was not doing well. She was looking for someone to support her, for validation, and Do-joon gave her that.  

  In return, he asks his grandfather to allow his family to attend the weekly gatherings, and in front of the entire family, he recognizes Do-joo as his grandson. Hyeon-woo admits that he married a Jin because one of them killed Do-joo. The episode ends with Do-joo taking a shine to a man in his 20s who looks like Hyeon-woo and has been accepted into SNU’s law program as a top student.

  Even though the news know who he is, they come at him asking for his name. So he gives them what they want to hear, introducing himself as Chairman Jin Yang Cheol’s grandson Jin Do Jun, who attended law college in 1996, and flashes a big smile.

  Episode Review

  The episode begins on a sad note with Do-joon’s family being mocked and hated by the Demons and Do-joon’s emotional breakdown as Hyeon-woo’s family doesn’t recognize him. In contrast, Jin used previous situations to stand up to his family and show his shamelessness to his grandfather, who was used to people trying to please him all the time, which was fun to watch.

  This highlights Hyeon-woo’s acceptance of his role in the Soonyang family, taking it as an opportunity for himself and also discovering who killed Do-joo. The child actor did justice to the role, surprising the audience with his courage and intelligence.

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