Reborn Rich New Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 3 Recap And Review

Reborn Rich Season 1 Episode 3 Recap 

Episode 3 of Reborn Rich opens with Do-joon and Chairman Jin looking at the new Budang city, which was built on the land that Do-joon previously wanted as a gift, and is now being developed. Chairman Jin continues to wonder if Do-joo has good judgment or if he just got lucky because he made $24 million in land deals.

  He takes Do-joo to the bank to see his money and asks him what he’s going to do with all that money. Do-joon also looks confused. He then converts all his winnings into dollars, as Mr. Lee tells Chairman Jin, who is worried that it is a large amount for a 20-year-old. Chairman Jin decides not to intervene, giving Do-jun a chance to see if he’s just a lucky guy or a smart guy.  

In Soonyang, Chairman Jin’s children gather in disbelief about how Do-joon knew about real estate and decided to buy land in Budang. Dong-ki attributes it to luck, saying that it’s hard to defeat someone with great luck. His sister argues with Hwa-yong that this is why Do-joon is someone they should look out for, as it scares her even more because Chairman Jin might think her little grandson is a benefactor.

  Young-ki informs them that since Do-joon saved him by offering to switch flights, all his father did was pay for his life. However, Hwa-young believes that the money and freedom allowed to Do-joon may be a test to see if he is fit to be the heir to the Soonyang group.

  Elsewhere, Do-jun, his father, and his brother discuss movies in his office. Hyeon-joon and Do-joon come across a group gathered around the screen while walking. A reporter announces the breakup of a popular music group that is retiring. One girl seemed very upset by this news. Surprised, Do-jun realizes that it’s a younger version of prosecutor Seo Min-hoo.

  Back at Jeongsijae, Choi Chan-je arrives with a message for Chairman Jin. Hando steel is on the verge of winding down operations, providing a perfect opportunity to buy the company on the cheap. With the support of the government, Soonyang can take out the debt and apply for a longer repayment period. Chairman Jin is pleased with the information, and Chan-jae takes the opportunity to ask for his support to run for political office.

  Elsewhere, Do-jun, Hyeon-jun and their father attend film week in New York, where Do-jun accidentally bumps into Oh Se-hyeon, causing her to drop her bread. They argue and Do-jun offers to pay for the doughnut; Using the logic of investment and luck, Oh Se-hyeon asks for ten million dollars.

  Do-joo is intrigued by his logic, and is even more impressed when he overhears his conversation with his assistant, Rachel, about which film to invest in. Do-jun chose to invest in the Titanic using his knowledge as Hyeon-woo, while Oh Se. -hyeon analyzed the market and people’s behavior and used the data to make his decision.

Later, Do-jun investigates Oh Se-hyeon and finds her in his office the next day. He finds her in a cafe watching a chess match between the supercomputer Deep Blue and the famous chess player Kasparov.

  Do-jun reveals that he’s not interested in who wins Se-hyeon’s mind, but in IBM, which determines when and how many shares Deep Blue will buy to maximize its profits. Do-jun suggests that he will invest in IBM before the match is over because Deep Blue will win. Se-hyeon disagrees and leaves Do-jun’s connections, asking Se-hyeon to contact her when Deep Blue wins. The encounter goes as Do-joon predicted, and a bewildered Se-hyeon searches for the young man.

  Back in Seoul, Do-jun visits his grandfather. He meets with Dong-ki, Yoong-ki, and Hwa-young to get Hando Steel. Chairman Jin orders Young-ki to ensure that Soonyang successfully buys the company, but not to use more than $300 million. After the board meeting, they meet with Do-jun, and Young-ki recalls Hwa-young’s words that Chairman Jin is testing them to find the most suitable successor.

  In-seok picks up Do-joo and tells him that Chairman Jin sent him. Some rich kids at the university approach him wanting to make friends. Meanwhile, Do-jun notices Min-young and runs off to catch him after he gives his number to his rich kids and agrees to hang out with them later. At the library, Min-young sees her checking him out and boldly walks up to him.

  He remembers seeing her somewhere, but Do-jun says he can send her away if he wants to tease her using her request. Do-jun invites her to eat, and she walks away.

  On a university bulletin board, Min-yeon checks information about Do-jun. He attributes Do-joon’s confidence and rudeness to Yang-cheol’s grandson. He insists on having a nice dinner with her and promises to tell her when his favorite musician Seo Tai Jin returns. Intrigued, Min-young promises to meet.

  He takes her to a prestigious club where her wealthy peers ask her to join. In-seok informs someone about Do-joo’s location. Min-young isn’t happy that Do-joon is taking her to such a club, and she says that she thinks it’s a good idea since her father is a prosecutor so she can fit in, too. Mr. Lee also reports to Chairman Jin that Do-jun has joined a prestigious club and thinks he is a young man adjusting to university life like his peers.  

 News is in and Hando is still reporting bankruptcy. Young-ki attends the takeover meeting and learns that a foreign investment firm has offered to buy the company for $500 million, making Soonyang’s $300 million offer impossible. The foreign company is represented by Se-hyeon, and speaking to reporters, he notes that the energy stakes offer Hando Steel’s future value.

  Yoong-ki and his team try to decipher why a successful American company is interested in a weak Korean steel company. Chairman Jin believes that the move to acquire Hando Steel is just a chess piece in a giant game initiated by someone who doesn’t want to see Soonyang acquire Hando Steel.

  Elsewhere, Do-jun visits Hyeon-woo’s family restaurant and laments that his mother is struggling to carry the ingredients. At Soonyang, Young-ki asks her assistant to look at Oh Se-hyeon to figure out what she’s thinking and who she’s dating.

Se-hyeon meets Do-jun in an empty building overlooking Soonyang. He wonders why Do-jun would recklessly invest by offering so much for a company below the quoted corporate value. Vowing to keep his investor a secret, Do-jun confides in him and tells him that he intends to stop Yoong-ki from buying Hando steel. Se-hyeon realizes that Do-joon’s intentions aren’t just about Hando steel, he wants to buy the Soonyang Group.

  Episode Review

  The episode introduces us to Do-jun’s mindset. A chance meeting with Oh Se-hyeon introduces financial investor Do-su to raise his 24 million and financial ability to achieve his goal of owning Soonyang as shown at the end. The introduction of Min-young and hints of a possible connection between her and Do-jun is an exciting development.

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